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Here is what customers are saying:

"Wonderful help, on the spot right when you need it, uncanny problem-solving ability.
Vadim is a great communicator, he understands people issues that might interfere, and lead to issues with computer usage.

When he came to help me, driving an hour to come, the very same day I called for help, he put some order in my files, explained to me how to maintain this order, then solved my problem, providing a wonderful easy software to do it.

I called again for help two weeks later, and got again efficient help on the spot over the phone about some hairy Word document with graphic objects and text that would not print properly. The solution was amazing. Vadim had told me upfront that he did not think he could solve it, but then just said try that, and that did it.
I highly recommend him."

Dominique Jaffrennou, Maryland

“I'm a new Mac user and still learning to work with this computer, had some issues that I need help with.  Vadim came into my home and fixed my computer. Anyone with computer experience can call themselves a technician and fix a computer.  Vadim showed up on time, and did more than fix my computer, he showed sincerity and a real concern about not only fixing my computer but also helping me understand a little more about it. I've had other technicians at my home before and the only thing they wanted was to fix the problem as quickly as possible by cutting corners and get paid, this is what separates Vadim from the others. He genuinely cares, he is the only Mac technician I'll ever need or invite into my home. “

David, Glen Burnie, Maryland

“Vadim is professional, responsive and reliable. He does great work at a reasonable rate and gives solid advice. I would refer him to any Mac user.”

Nancy, Baltimore City

“I am very pleased with the assistance I received from Vadim Jigoulov in helping me upgrade and learn how to use my iBook G4.  He guided me in many important ways--from helping me pick out the parts that were needed to upgrade the computer as well as where to purchase them on the Internet at the best prices.  He was efficient and prompt in installing the parts, and was very cooperative in teaching me how to use the various features of the upgraded computer.  He is very pleasant as well as knowledgeable.  I would recommend his services wholeheartedly.”

Lynne, Baltimore City

"Dear Fellow Mac user,
I would like to highly recommend Vadim for any of your Mac help needs. I was having all sorts of issues with my Cube that I loved and did not want to have to give up on. Vadim came to my home and within two hours had every thing running perfectly and even gave me some great tips on how to better use my Mac to it's full capability.

Vadim was polite and professional. He is VERY knowledgeable and knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it within a very short time.

I have used Mac's since 1987. They are the best and so is Vadim.


Lisa Reach, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Vadim helped me with installing software and performing maintenance and upgrades on my iBook. I have used him many times and he's always been courteous, patient (:)), and quick. Thank you!”

Minda Hart, Earth Wisdom

"After searching for help for many weeks via the Internet and phone conferences, with the computer and printer companies, I was at a loss as to what to do.  I typed in Mac Help through Safari and came up with your site.

I called the number, you were available and willing to talk me through the process.  You fixed the problem for me.  I thank you for your kindness and willingness to help.  You are very much appreciated."

Viola Hochstettler, Cleveland, Ohio