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What's new!

I would like to make you aware of a new suite of support plans that I've decided to offer to my clients. As many of you know, I am always willing to help and to provide support even after my initial visit. Unless it's something major, I rarely charge you for follow up messages or communications even if my clients offer to compensate me. This leaves our relationship somewhere in the gray area. Something was missing, I thought. How can we make the experience more organic? Is there a way to provide continuous service and assistance with less hassle and more dependable? 

What's New?
I am excited to offer a new subscription service called VCare (you see what I did there?!).

The annual subscription plan is aimed at helping you to have a regular access to help when you need it most without a hassle of per-visit and per-contact payments. 

What are the details?

There are three different levels you can choose:

Gold: [BEST VALUE] One Year Gold Subscription guarantees two home visits and four 30-minute phone/message consultations per year (up to $420 value-no mileage fees up to 20 miles). This plan would work best for families with two or more computers, iPhones, and/or iPads. May issues can be taken care of by a quick phone call, whereas others require a hands-on help. The plan covers all members of the household and all devices.

Silver: One Year Silver Subscription guarantees one home visit and three 30-minute phone/message consultations per year (up to $240 value-no mileage fees up to 20 miles). This plan would work best for a single household with a Mac and or iPhone, iPad, and other computer devices/gadgets.

Bronze: One Year Bronze Subscription guarantees up to four 30-minute phone/message consultations per year (up to $120 value). This plan would work for occasional support over phone/message/chat. Software and hardware have occasional hiccups and this plan will give you a peace of mind that you can always get fast help without a trip to the mall.

These are annual subscriptions. I can also customize these plans to better suit your needs.
Drop me a line or call me (410-615-9394) and we can discuss the details.

If you are interested in any of these plans, you can sign up for them either through the link in this email ("Let's Get Started"), or you can email me and I will send a personalized invoice.

If you are not interested in these plans, you can always avail of my services at regular, non-discounted rates.